Booz Allen Hamilton Enterprise Site

Booz Allen Hamilton Enterprise Site

Booz Allen Hamilton Corporate Client Facing Presence.

Booz Allen Hamilton leverages the power of the Adobe AEM system (S&P, DTM, Test and Target, Analytics). Two year development of Brand, UI, UX, Front End Development, Authoring, Digital Asset Management, Marketing.

Grace Under Fire

Brand discussions had begun, and the selection of the core technology agency was in the works. During this time my team was responsible for the migration of over 22,000 items from a Third Party on Premise hosting environment to adobe hosting managed by Adobe Managed Servies (AMS). In under 30 days, my team was able to move the items as well as over 300 domain names and vanity URLs, Implemented in a multi-server AWS  stack which included Dev, Stage, and production environments. If this was not enough, we also needed to upgrade the AEM platform from 5.6 to 6.1 which a significant leap in code. The move tested for validity and penetration tested for security launched seamlessly and without issue. This move saved the organization a substantial amount of monthly fees.

Project Details

Client :  Booz Allen Hamilton

Date : 2017

Role : Senior Digital Strategist, AEM Subject Matter Expert, Product Manager, Lead associate

Skills : Innovation, Research, Digital Strategy, User Experience, Adobe Experiance Manager, Brand Development, Content Strategy, Content Development, User Interface Design, Taxonomy, Governance, Media Library Management, Risk Security Management

Quick Overview of accomplishment

This build took over a year to complete. Booz Allen was embarking on a new phase of existence and required a brand overhaul. Booz Allen collaborated with two separate vendors to develop the new Brand varies and deliver on the technology. The site was built using the Adobe Experience Manager Platform, which is by far the most advanced enterprise content management system available today.

As the Product Owner, I was responsible for developing the vision for the technical aspects of the site. I worked directly with our primary development vendor Axis41 (absolute experts in developing Adobe Experience manager platforms) and our design strategy team from Grafik (incredibly talented visionaries). My goal for the site was to create an enterprise platform for the distribution of mass amounts of content to multiple target audiences in the most effective personalized way possible. We believe it has been an enormous success. It is only the beginning.

Every Page is Page One, Navigation independant content

With the rebuild, we have merged all three constructs into one very dynamic versatile system, non-web developers will easily author that.

  • Landing page
  • Blog / Article Post
  • Shopping Page Facetted Functions

We have decoupled the content (pages) from the navigations. The navigation no longer points to content directly. The lack of reliance on the core navigation frees the content to exist anywhere independent of the navigation. The user can utilize the limited navigation or pure experience discovery.

The bridge to the content (the commodity), much like with shopping sites is a launch page. This page is also known as an overview page. This page provides a foundation for the user. The power of this page is that is can surface content items both dynamically and manually. The only purpose for this Page is to surface content that is contextual to itself and each content item it pulls.

Separating the content from the navigation does the following:

  • Content is treated and built much like within the BLOG construct. So massive amounts of content are created. The content is free from a campaign and architectural constraints.
  • Content is no longer a “page”. Content is merely content as we have freed it from the brick and mortar INDEX / PAGE construct.
  • We can now manage massive amounts of content
  • We can now measure the performance of discreet content items very directly
  • We can now be more nimble with how we display and surface content.

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Envoi & Semantic Clusters

Envoi & Semantic Clusters

envoi Semantic Clustering. The envoi experiment delivers complex content without navigation.

envoi leverages the power of the Adobe AEM system (S&P, DTM, Test and Target, Analytics) to embrace the content everywhere methodology. Each core content item can be made up of one to many assets pulled from the damn to present the audience members final destination in their journey of discovery.

envoi – Kill the page set your content free.

envoi was born from thousands of corporate publications and posts buried in obscurity. The core question that is asked here, how can content be surfaced in an engaging fashion when the navigation hits critical mass. The answer, remove the need for the navigation. envoi became Booz Allen Hamilton’s prototype for the management of mass amounts of content items through the use of Semantic Clustering. Sites like pintrest does it, every product catalogue does it, why shouldn’t corporate enterprise sites do it. envoi deviated from the traditional use of Home Page, Table of Contents, Index, Navigation. In envoi every page is the home page. In envoi every page is served based on the users interests not pushed but pulled, driven by a sophisticated tagging system and algorithm.

envoi is an implementation of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite of products for Booz Allen’s public-facing web presence and other digital properties (e.g.,, Envoi magazine). The project resulted in the firm’s first enterprise content management system (CMS) and data intelligence platform reaching thousands of users.

Project Details

Client :  Booz Allen Hamilton

Date : 2015

Skills : Innovation, Research, Digital Strategy, User Experience, Adobe Experiance Manager

Rethinking Implimentation

envoi leverages the power of the Adobe AEM system (S&P, DTM, Test and Target, Analytics) to embrace the content everywhere methodology. Each core content item can be made up of one to many assets pulled from the damn to present the audience members final destination in their journey of discovery.

envoi stories are told from the purview of the practitioner or participant. These stories can be seen as personal case studies told by the people closet to that which will be seen as remarkable. Enter stories highlight the best of what Booz Allen has to offer in services, products and thought leadership. The user is presented with eye catching full screen video, overlaid with teaser content and valuable statistics.

Building a Brand

Each piece of content developed and entered into the ADOBE damn can be re-purposed with minimal customization, to many different touch points and channels outside of the envoi platform.

Destinations (core content item) are presented with the same masonry layout as all other pages. this will allow the user to jump off in another direction or continue along the same context.

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Recreation.Gov – Digital Transformation

Recreation.Gov – Digital Transformation Digital Transformation

During a three year contract, we applied an approach that would affect the right mix of communication and technology tools to “bring the outdoors inside”. We would ensure that the audience’s overwhelming positive outdoor experience matched by the user’s first encounter with the brand across all digital (web, mobile, and social) channels.

Project Description

My team crafted a vision for transforming how the Government connects with and engages its citizens. and the United States Department of Agriculture released a request for proposal (RFP) that asked to change digital realities of technology which enable the nation. This RFP started a four year capture that spanned multiple teams and multiple disciplines across Booz Allen Hamilton.

Project Details

Client :  U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service (USFS)

Date : 2016

Skills : Brand, Research, Digital Strategy, Business Strategy

Understanding your Audience

Today, perception is reality. Each day we are inundated with brands from companies, organizations, and groups asking for our buy in. We needed to increase what the Recreation Brand experience for RG2. It’s vital that with this reimagining of the recreation brand, we get the message out there about your new brand. My team conducted multiple focus groups and location interviews to develop a 360 view of all possible target audiences.

Building a Brand

A solid brand strategy is fundamental to blossoming a business strategy. Rooted in research, our brand strategy ensured all physical, digital, and social interactions with RG2 reaffirm its brand promise, and help RG2 redefine recreation. Moreover, our brand strategy will increase and expand awareness of RG2 and take it from a reservation site—a basecamp destination—to a brand that expands the access and reach of America’s national parks into the digital space—an experience.

Drawing on insights from the Discovery Phrase, our team will use the data collected to make recommendations for revising the RG2 brand platform and improving the identity system. These recommendations will be based on the attributes identified as most valued by RG2’s external audience and internal stakeholders.

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J&J Reputation Lab

J&J Reputation Lab

Johnson & Johnson Reputation Lab

Real-time Online Tracking

The Johnson & Johnson Real time reputation monitoring Hub was an enterprise level back office implementation. The tool would work much like a radient6 system but would be fully integrated into the core back office data streams. Imagine if you will the ability to know which social campaign or news release had direct financial impact on your bottom line. This was not just a technical product it was a Managed Solution. Business intelligence would be derived though investigation or automated alerts. This intelligence would then be leverage by a first response team of skilled consultants. Build on successes and mitigate risk.

Project Details

Client : Johnson & Johnson
Date : 2013
Skills : Branding, User Experiance, Data Visualization, Business Strategy

Global Sample of the Internet: Collect and analyze over 1.5 million postings per day, in all written languages, in real time

Data Source Agnostic: Attain the broadest view of reputation by examining the widest range of viewpoints

  • Online media is collected from over a quarter million sources, including prominent mainstream news sites, blogs and forums
  • Social Media is collected from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Can be extended to collect, analyze and report on any form of digital text such as survey results (internal or external), CRM or intranet resources

Finding the Right Intelligence: Built from the ground up to report highly accurate results with the fewest possible keywords (“less is more”)

  • Searches are constructed using an innovative search methodology and proprietary relevancy filter to ensure the best possible intelligence
  • The Reputation Lab PMO will serve as the key daily operating function supporting J&J leadership throughout the engagement
  • Supports and manages the implementation and delivery of all activities across the engagement
  • Manages the governance, security, technology requirements and flow of information in and out of the Reputation Hub
  • Works closely with J&J leadership to design the governance structures, training programs and plans necessary to build internal buy-in and develop a reputation culture across the enterprise
  • Facilitates the advisory services to support ongoing strategic reputation management counsel from specialists within the Reputation Lab

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