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Vaccinus was a challenge posed to my team. “Give us something we can sell into the CDC. Make it a story about the art of the possible. We began with investigating immunizations. We started with the flue. But everyone is doing some sort of data visualization targeting the flue. We decided to go global and non-profit. We proposed a Marketplace much like a “kickstarter” application. In this application we would bring manufacturers, Bokers, Advocates, Beneficiaries and  Global Citizen together to help defeat some of the harshest killers world wide.

  • Individual page for each organization to provide information about their mission, goals, and successes to the public
    • Organizations can post images, text, and other types of media
    • Organization can publicize certain causes and initiatives they would like to highlight
  • Donations can be automatically added to profile page for manufacturer publicity
  • Provide links to social media and organization websites
  • Allows for easy publicity and connection to global awareness
  • Provide configurable social sharing options on content throughout the application
  • API for manufacturers to share their donation information with other applications
  • Donation features located directly onto advocate webpages
  • Data Visualization of the complete process

Project Details

Client :  Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

Date : 2013

Skills : Research, Digital Strategy, Business Strategy

Communication Platform

  • Secure messaging platform that allow brokers, advocates, and manufacturers to communicate with one another
    • Facilitates relationships between parties to allow for a more streamlined acquisition and distribution of vaccines
    • Ensures manufacturers become aware of specific urgent needs filed by advocates
    • Allows advocates to communicate domain information to brokers for better data collection and analysis
  • Public messaging functionality for brokers, advocates, and manufacturers to broadcast messages to global citizens

Application Request Portal

  • Vaccination QA status dashboard to track the quality assurance process of a vaccination sample
  • Manufacturer and advocate approval page where they would apply for an account and go through a vetting process
  • Process flow to alert an assessment panel of a new application
  • Provide channels for manufacturers and advocates to communicate with an assessment panel on vetting process
  • Provide a display or marker to indicate the organization has been approved to participate in the marketplace

Donation Platform

  • Allows users to provide access to or directly donate funds to a specific region, organization, or cause
  • Allows users to select a specific amount of goods or monetary amount that is linked to the donation
  • Link users to the profile page of a certain region/person/village to create a more engaging experience
  • Allow users to share their donation (type, cause, region) through social media outlets to garner publicity
  • Reflect the donation through the data visualization display to illustrate regions that are receiving donor assisted aid  

Data Visualization and Information Fusion Display

  • Real-time display of international vaccine related information
  • Presented in various visualizations which include but are not limited to data maps, charts, and tables
  • Selectable regions that will direct manufacturers/advocates to a particular market, and global citizens to a particular donation page
  • API which allows users to share or import data to the application, advocates can input real time data they collect while in the field to brokers

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