Digital Transformation

During a three year contract, we applied an approach that would affect the right mix of communication and technology tools to “bring the outdoors inside”. We would ensure that the audience’s overwhelming positive outdoor experience matched by the user’s first encounter with the brand across all digital (web, mobile, and social) channels.

Project Description

My team crafted a vision for transforming how the Government connects with and engages its citizens. and the United States Department of Agriculture released a request for proposal (RFP) that asked to change digital realities of technology which enable the nation. This RFP started a four year capture that spanned multiple teams and multiple disciplines across Booz Allen Hamilton.

Project Details

Client :  U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service (USFS)

Date : 2016

Skills : Brand, Research, Digital Strategy, Business Strategy

Understanding your Audience

Today, perception is reality. Each day we are inundated with brands from companies, organizations, and groups asking for our buy in. We needed to increase what the Recreation Brand experience for RG2. It’s vital that with this reimagining of the recreation brand, we get the message out there about your new brand. My team conducted multiple focus groups and location interviews to develop a 360 view of all possible target audiences.

Building a Brand

A solid brand strategy is fundamental to blossoming a business strategy. Rooted in research, our brand strategy ensured all physical, digital, and social interactions with RG2 reaffirm its brand promise, and help RG2 redefine recreation. Moreover, our brand strategy will increase and expand awareness of RG2 and take it from a reservation site—a basecamp destination—to a brand that expands the access and reach of America’s national parks into the digital space—an experience.

Drawing on insights from the Discovery Phrase, our team will use the data collected to make recommendations for revising the RG2 brand platform and improving the identity system. These recommendations will be based on the attributes identified as most valued by RG2’s external audience and internal stakeholders.

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