Johnson & Johnson Reputation Lab

Real-time Online Tracking

The Johnson & Johnson Real time reputation monitoring Hub was an enterprise level back office implementation. The tool would work much like a radient6 system but would be fully integrated into the core back office data streams. Imagine if you will the ability to know which social campaign or news release had direct financial impact on your bottom line. This was not just a technical product it was a Managed Solution. Business intelligence would be derived though investigation or automated alerts. This intelligence would then be leverage by a first response team of skilled consultants. Build on successes and mitigate risk.

Project Details

Client : Johnson & Johnson
Date : 2013
Skills : Branding, User Experiance, Data Visualization, Business Strategy

Global Sample of the Internet: Collect and analyze over 1.5 million postings per day, in all written languages, in real time

Data Source Agnostic: Attain the broadest view of reputation by examining the widest range of viewpoints

  • Online media is collected from over a quarter million sources, including prominent mainstream news sites, blogs and forums
  • Social Media is collected from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Can be extended to collect, analyze and report on any form of digital text such as survey results (internal or external), CRM or intranet resources

Finding the Right Intelligence: Built from the ground up to report highly accurate results with the fewest possible keywords (“less is more”)

  • Searches are constructed using an innovative search methodology and proprietary relevancy filter to ensure the best possible intelligence
  • The Reputation Lab PMO will serve as the key daily operating function supporting J&J leadership throughout the engagement
  • Supports and manages the implementation and delivery of all activities across the engagement
  • Manages the governance, security, technology requirements and flow of information in and out of the Reputation Hub
  • Works closely with J&J leadership to design the governance structures, training programs and plans necessary to build internal buy-in and develop a reputation culture across the enterprise
  • Facilitates the advisory services to support ongoing strategic reputation management counsel from specialists within the Reputation Lab

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