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Booz Allen Hamilton leverages the power of the Adobe AEM system (S&P, DTM, Test and Target, Analytics). Two year development of Brand, UI, UX, Front End Development, Authoring, Digital Asset Management, Marketing.

Grace Under Fire

Brand discussions had begun, and the selection of the core technology agency was in the works. During this time my team was responsible for the migration of over 22,000 items from a Third Party on Premise hosting environment to adobe hosting managed by Adobe Managed Servies (AMS). In under 30 days, my team was able to move the items as well as over 300 domain names and vanity URLs, Implemented in a multi-server AWS  stack which included Dev, Stage, and production environments. If this was not enough, we also needed to upgrade the AEM platform from 5.6 to 6.1 which a significant leap in code. The move tested for validity and penetration tested for security launched seamlessly and without issue. This move saved the organization a substantial amount of monthly fees.

Project Details

Client :  Booz Allen Hamilton

Date : 2017

Role : Senior Digital Strategist, AEM Subject Matter Expert, Product Manager, Lead associate

Skills : Innovation, Research, Digital Strategy, User Experience, Adobe Experiance Manager, Brand Development, Content Strategy, Content Development, User Interface Design, Taxonomy, Governance, Media Library Management, Risk Security Management

Quick Overview of accomplishment

This build took over a year to complete. Booz Allen was embarking on a new phase of existence and required a brand overhaul. Booz Allen collaborated with two separate vendors to develop the new Brand varies and deliver on the technology. The site was built using the Adobe Experience Manager Platform, which is by far the most advanced enterprise content management system available today.

As the Product Owner, I was responsible for developing the vision for the technical aspects of the site. I worked directly with our primary development vendor Axis41 (absolute experts in developing Adobe Experience manager platforms) and our design strategy team from Grafik (incredibly talented visionaries). My goal for the site was to create an enterprise platform for the distribution of mass amounts of content to multiple target audiences in the most effective personalized way possible. We believe it has been an enormous success. It is only the beginning.

Every Page is Page One, Navigation independant content

With the rebuild, we have merged all three constructs into one very dynamic versatile system, non-web developers will easily author that.

  • Landing page
  • Blog / Article Post
  • Shopping Page Facetted Functions

We have decoupled the content (pages) from the navigations. The navigation no longer points to content directly. The lack of reliance on the core navigation frees the content to exist anywhere independent of the navigation. The user can utilize the limited navigation or pure experience discovery.

The bridge to the content (the commodity), much like with shopping sites is a launch page. This page is also known as an overview page. This page provides a foundation for the user. The power of this page is that is can surface content items both dynamically and manually. The only purpose for this Page is to surface content that is contextual to itself and each content item it pulls.

Separating the content from the navigation does the following:

  • Content is treated and built much like within the BLOG construct. So massive amounts of content are created. The content is free from a campaign and architectural constraints.
  • Content is no longer a “page”. Content is merely content as we have freed it from the brick and mortar INDEX / PAGE construct.
  • We can now manage massive amounts of content
  • We can now measure the performance of discreet content items very directly
  • We can now be more nimble with how we display and surface content.

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