Featured Work

Here is a collection of past projects that have delivered value and impact for our clients. The projects range from purely consultative to design and development. All projects have followed the Hella Creative delivery process regardless of the challenge or final deliverable.

Booz Allen Hamilton Corporate Client Facing Presence.

Brand discussions had begun, and the selection of the core technology agency was in the works. During this time my team was responsible for the migration of over 22,000 items from a Third Party on Premise hosting environment to adobe hosting managed by Adobe Managed Servies (AMS). 

Envoi Semantic Clustering. 

envoi leverages the power of the Adobe AEM system (S&P, DTM, Test and Target, Analytics) to embrace the content everywhere methodology. Each core content item can be made up of one to many assets pulled from the damn to present the audience member’s final destination in their journey of discovery.

Johnson & Johnson
Reputation Lab

Global Sample of the Internet: Collect and analyze over 1.5 million postings per day, in all written languages, in real-time

  • Data Source Agnostic: Attain the broadest view of reputation by examining the widest range of viewpoints
  • Online media is collected from over a quarter-million sources, including prominent mainstream news sites, blogs and forums
  • Social Media is collected from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Can be extended to collect, analyze and report on any form of digital text such as survey results (internal or external), CRM or intranet resources

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