The Strategist

Product Manager – Imagine the possibilities

The strategist focuses on the aspiration of the business. On time and on budget, the strategist understands the key business requirements (KBR) which drive the key performance indicators (KPI). Don’t be fooled by his Donald Draper Attire, the strategist is just as technology savvy as the most innovative millennial. When he enters the room, Laptops closed, please.

The Creative Director

User Experience Architect – Realize your vision

Our Creative Director crafts the vision or in other words formulates the “why”. He has one foot in the real world and one foot in the virtual world. From Brand to engagement to intricate campaigns, our creative director will find and elegant solution to complex problems.

The Art Director

User Experience Designer – User Interface – Visual impact

Trained in traditional Illustration and design techniques our Art Director has “Chutzpah.” His experience traverses offline and online design with everything from print to game design.  He is a team player, tactically creative, and remains a guardian of visual success.

The Technologist

Aligning business and user goals with technology and functionality – Navigate the sea of tech

Our Technologist is a real character indeed. He keeps to himself most of the day. He expends his human processing power meeting the requirements of the now while keeping an eye on the ever-changing technology. He does not write code but has extensive knowledge of programming. He is the translator between Creative, Business, and Technology.